2013          PhD in Physics, University of Nottingham, UK Supervisor: Juan Garrahan
2007          BSc in Physics with Chemistry, Keele University, 1st class Honors
2004          Abitur, Gymansium Puchheim, Puchheim, Germany (Biology and Physics)
2003          A-levels, Rye St Antony School, Oxford, UK (Biology, Physics, RE)

Professional Experience

2015 - now          Postdoctoral Research Associate, in the Michel Group
2014 - now          Project manager with
2012 - 2015         Researcher in the Computational Molecular Biology Group


2015 - 2017          Chemistry 1A and 1B co-tutor, University of Edinburgh
2014 - 2017          PyEmma workshop lecturer, Freie Universität Berlin and King's College London
2014 - 2015          MSc course on "Computational Molecular Physics and Methods of molecular simulations"
2008 - 2011          Tutor for problem classes University of Nottingham


MD Software (Gromacs, OpenMM, etc.), Python, JAVA, C, Matlab

German (mother tongue)
English (fluent, written and spoken)
French (proficient, written and spoken)
Hebrew (intermediate, written and spoken)
Spanish (basic, written and spoken)


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  18. Thermodynamics of trajectories of the one-dimensional Ising model, E.S. Loscar, A.S.J.S. Mey, J.P. Garrahan, J. Stat. Mech. 2011, P12011 (2011) DOI
*Both authors contributed equally
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